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Our History


In 2004, Barney Drumm Sr. celebrated his retirement as a General Electric machinist-mechanic by purchasing an old Lane hand-set mill and starting his own business. He poured the concrete on his own, set it up, and built a mill around it. Throughout the years, he purchased a J.A. Vance planer-matcher as well as a state-of-the-art kiln. At his height, he could cut nearly 4,000 boardfeet of lumber every day.  


The same year that Barney Drumm successfully launched Drumm's Sawmill, his son, Shane Drumm, opened a landscaping business that specializes in sod installation. His company, which would become the top contractor for the local Saratoga Sod Farm, was incredibly successful and remains so. He has installed over 4 million square feet of sod since he started the company.

Both Shane Drumm and his father, Barney, successfully ran their businesses for years until, in 2016, Barney had to start considering selling his business. He even began selling some of the equipment that had made it so successful and that he had hand-selected so many years ago. However, in 2017, Shane made the decision to purchase Drumm's Sawmill and combine the two businesses.

Now, in 2018 and beyond, Drumm's Turf and Sawmill is proud to be a family-owned and operated business. Shane is the second-generation owner of the popular sawmill and is continuing to operate the turf and landscaping sections of the business to the same standards as before. Beyond that, he has hired three of his children and you can almost always find Barney Sr. at the sawmill. With over twenty years experience between them, Drumm's Turf and Sawmill has experience you can trust.

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