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Your landscaping could be damaged if it lacks the proper drainage system.


On many sites, water may collect in certain areas that cause the grass to become too soggy and unhealthy.


The opposite also occurs on many sites where certain areas of grass are denied water and the grass dies or browns as a result.


Those two things could be the result of depressions on your lawn.


Fortunately, those problems are easy enough for professionals to solve.

Drumm's Turf and Sawmill LLC likes to handle drainage issues in a few ways.


In areas where your lawn or landscaping has surface water that remains in depressions on the land or openly flows towards your house or other central locations, we typically recommend constructing a swale.


Grading portions of your lawn so that water is not capable of flowing in those areas or capable of remaining in depressions could also help. 


If those solutions are not capable of fixing problems, we can come in and install a pipe system. These pipes may be the last possible solution, but will allow for a better drainage system. 

However, even if your lawn does not seem to have drainage issues, it is best to allow a professional team to come in and install a drainage system. Solving the problem before it happens will save you time, money, and grass.

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