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Our sod is sourced from the local Saratoga Sod Farm. Saratoga Sod Farm, which has been in business for over 30 years, grows several different northern turfgrass varieties that are always capable of meeting your needs. We offer the same strains that they grow on-site, including Kentucky Blue Grass blends, Fine Fescue/Kentucky Bluegrass Mixes, and Turf Type Tall Fescue.



Kentucky Blue Grass is one of our most popular strains due to the fact that it is dark green in color and uniform in texture. It tolerates full sun to partial shade and is the dominant choice of sports fields due to its recuperative qualities. 



Turf Type Tall Fescue is another one of the more popular strains that we offer install services for. TTTF is deep-rooted which allows it to be more drought and shade tolerant. It is also durable for that same reason and can be used in areas where dogs are commonly found or around pools.



Saratoga's Sod Farm Fine Fescue/Kentucky Blue Grass mix is a 50/50 blend between those two species. It is best used for patching or to blend with areas that have been seeded prior to the sod installation. 

Please note that all of these species of sod are considered biological, perishable products. Even if Kentucky Blue Grass is extremely recuperative and Turf Type Tall Fescue strains resist damage, these products require proper care and maintenance in order to thrive. Too much or too little water or sun can be damaging to these products and proper care procedures, as discussed with the foreman prior to and on the day of install, must be followed. With us installing the sod and you taking proper care of it, you'll have a beautiful lawn or landscape in no time.

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